THE UK’s LOWEST ENERGY PRICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS ARE HERE With over 10 years business and commercial energy experience we know that gas and electricity is one of the largest costs to your business. ECR’s Buying Power in an ever increasing market ensures that we can renegotiate with your current provider, or assist with changing supplier, and maximise your savings. We work for you, not the supplier. IF YOU’RE; Paying too much for your gas and electricity. Wondering what is “the best deal for my business”. Tired of calls every day telling you that they are the cheapest. Wanting a simple, hassle free service that’s free and works to suit you. Paying a consultant when you shouldn’t be. THEN STOP – and call 0161 301 3210  or use this Form and we will call you back. Take a look at the gas and electricity savings ECR has achieved, for free. Our customers come back year after year. You could be the next to save when your current contract expires. Media Reports   How Much? - Daily Telegraph 28/11/2010.  Oil Prices - Financial Times 27/11/2010 Dollar vs Pound 2010-2011 Why is Energy so expensive? Due to constant volatility in the global energy markets and more  recent currency fluctuations, your energy company wants you to  forget to serve notice at the end of your contract. This way they can fix you into a new contract for 12 – 24 months,  on prices that are extremely high, and there’s nothing you can do  about it. Important Information
Mr S Taylor (Brighton) Saved 780 on Electricity - Mrs A Evans (Wrexham) Saved 610 on Gas & 330 on Electricity - Mr P Khan (London) Saved 1,340 on Electricity - Mrs M Oldham (Wilmslow) Saved 1,200 on Gas - Mr E Sanchez (Manchester) Saved 570 on Electricity - Mr P Joyce (Birmingham) Saved 960 on Gas - Mr A Ogiliev (Stockport) Saved 510 on Gas & 420 on Electricity - Mr D Marland (Manchester) Saved 2,510 on Gas & 1,100 on Electricity - Mrs K Moore (Glasgow) Saved 940 on Gas - Mr D Spence (Manchester) Saved 1,680 on Electricity - Mrs V Patel (Coventry) Saved 880 on Electricity - Mr C Hobbs (Rayleigh) Saved 1,530 on Gas - Mr R Potter (Swindon) Saved 660 on Electricity - Mr J Barry (Leeds) Saved 820 on Gas & 460 on Electricity - Mr C Leigh (Huddersfield) Saved 550 on Gas - Mr D Woodcock (Bolton) Saved 1,080 on Electricity - Mrs K Hayworth (Corby) Saved 690 on Electricity - Mr S Iqbal (Blackpool) Saved 840 on Gas & 320 on Electricity - Mr I Irfan (Taunton) Saved 930 on Gas - Mrs P Clark (Torquay) Saved 730 on Gas - Mr A Mohamed (London) Saved 810 on Electricity - Mr B Ashraf (Kent) Saved 530 on Gas & 390 on Electricity - Mrs N Kenyon (Manchester) Saved 640 on Gas - Mr R Jones (Kendal) Saved 980 on Electricity - Mr J Beresford (Hull) Saved 810 on Gas - Mr M Tinsley (Cardiff) Saved 550 on Gas & 380 on Electricity - Mr G Jenkins (Chester) Saved 480 on Gas and 320 on Electricity - Mrs L Pitt (London) Saved 1,680 on Gas & 860 on Electricity - Mr S Finnegan (Birmingham) Saved 1,810 on Gas & 1,150 on Electricity - Mr P Hewitt (Bolton) Saved 770 on Gas & 520 on Electricity
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