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Beyond the monthly direct debits and occasional adaptations or initiatives to become more efficient, most energy consumers – business and residential alike – aren’t knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the UK gas and electricity markets. 
The UK energy market has been under scrutiny for years now, with many consumers paying far too much for their household or business energy contract. As a business owner or manager, you will know how important it is to reduce outgoings to optimise profit. 
In the UK energy market, it is common for business energy suppliers to compete on price and service. Many often wonder what the mechanics are behind changes in energy prices and how they are connected to inflation. 
With no clear consensus on the Brexit withdrawal deal and multiple potential outcomes, including leaving the EU on 31st October without an agreement, it’s important to take a look at the potential impact this could have on the energy market. 
Thinking about installing a smart meter? Or already have one installed? With energy bills making up a significant proportion of a business’ expenses, it's wise to consider options which could potentially save you money on these. 
As issues surrounding climate change and green energy become increasingly prevalent in today’s hectic news cycle, businesses are looking for ways to embrace a sustainable ethos. As well as helping to reduce a company’s carbon footprint, working towards sustainability and seeking a green business energy contract can hold a number of advantages including: 
Every business, regardless of size, has an ethical obligation to reduce its carbon footprint. There are several measures that you can take to achieve this. Use the tips below to ensure your business is socially responsible and environmentally friendly. 
Going green can help your business grow in many ways. From improved productivity and tax advantages, to better employee morale and health, green processes are making workplaces around the world more efficient and sustainable than ever before. And with the number of consumers looking for green options on the rise, there has never been a better time to make the change than right now. 
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