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Four reasons your business should embrace sustainability
As issues surrounding climate change and green energy become increasingly prevalent in today’s hectic news cycle, businesses are looking for ways to embrace a sustainable ethos. As well as helping to reduce a company’s carbon footprint, working towards sustainability and seeking a green business energy contract can hold a number of advantages including: 

1. Improving your brand's image 

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how environmentally friendly their favourite brands are. Indeed, according to a recent global survey, around 81% of respondents felt strongly that businesses should be doing their bit to address climate issues. Advertising your green credentials and the adoption of renewable energy, therefore, is likely to give you a competitive advantage in your sector. 

2. Helping your business comply with regulations 

A growing number of countries are pledging urgent action on climate change. As a result, governmental agencies around the world are looking to draw up increasingly tight regulations for businesses to follow in order to tackle fading energy resources and protect our planet. As such, opting for sustainable energy providers will help your business meet ever more stringent regulations. 

3. Attracting high-performing workers and new investors 

If you want to attract talented workers, you will do well to look for the bright new sparks of younger generations. Of course, it is also important to consider the fact that younger people are very well-attuned to green issues and will likely be attracted by companies with robust sustainability practices. Indeed, they will not want to be associated with businesses implicated in destructive ecological disasters. The same can be said for investors, with many people looking to boost their portfolios with environmentally minded companies. 

Reducing costs 

It is simply a myth that sustainable energy has to cost more, particularly as the cost of renewables has fallen dramatically over the past few years. Indeed, combining renewable energy with a robust energy conservation strategy can end up reducing your business costs. Simply requesting that colleagues switch off lights and computer monitors at the end of the day, for example, is a simple strategy that could end up saving you a good deal of money. What’s more, positioning yourself as a green brand will help motivate employees to think harder about their energy usage. 

Sustainability – where to find out more 

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