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Top green initiatives to benefit your business
Going green can help your business grow in many ways. From improved productivity and tax advantages, to better employee morale and health, green processes are making workplaces around the world more efficient and sustainable than ever before. And with the number of consumers looking for green options on the rise, there has never been a better time to make the change than right now. 
Most energy professionals agree that green initiatives don’t cut into the profits of business owners or shareholders. Rather, implementing green practices can allow you more control over your business energy. It places your company in a better position in terms of sustainability, leading to more consumer trust and positive branding. 
It’s your turn to jump on the green wagon. Here are a few popular green trends already being carried out by companies that are expected to catch on in the coming years. 

Green machines 

This refers to purchasing machines that have a minimum impact on the environment. To do this, you can look at the ethical and environmental records of the sellers when purchasing new office machines or hardware. This can also extend to options such as LED lighting systems or flush reducers that reduce business water and business electricity usage. 

Eco web hosting 

The servers that host company information in a data centre require large amounts of energy to operate reliably. You can cut down on a big chunk of your business energy costs here, simply by installing energy efficient hardware. 

Working remotely 

A fairly new way of supporting the green cause, remote working allows tech-savvy employees to work away from their office desk. This not only helps companies reduce costs, but it also saves travel time and helps the environment by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. 

Paperless offices 

One of the most widely implemented green initiatives out there, paperless offices eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the need for paper. Instead, they rely on digital means to get things done. Paperless work spaces not only benefit the environment, they also increase productivity by speeding things up in the office. With more and more workplaces going paperless every day, businesses enjoy reduced costs and better office connectivity with options such as email and mobile apps. 

Green marketing 

This type of marketing works towards promoting sales by focusing on the environmental benefits of a company’s products and services. If your business products are not green-friendly, this can be done by investing in green designs and recyclable packaging while encouraging green disposal through customer rewards. 

Green initiatives - where to find out more 

We can help you achieve your green initiatives for your business by advising on the most appropriate suppliers of green energy and how they can help your business go greener and save money at the same time. Find out more about our business energy consultancy or please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can help. 
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